We thank our clients for taking time to give us feedback!

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"We awarded the project to1920 LLP in lieu of another larger and more well known consultancy because the team demonstrated commitment and knowledge at pitching stage. i1920 showed their experience and commitment throughout and won the bid for the final and phase 2 of the project".

Ms Quek Ser Choon
Head (Information Systems & Administration)

Singapore Aviation Academy (CAAS)

“i1920 has put in a lot of effort to understand our requirements. They have done their best to put together a team who understands telco and also willing to have discussion with us to understand our concerns and comments directly. This approach has helped us to achieve our content in the right direction we want”.

Ms Donna Chiu
Director, Customer Solutions


"We chose to appoint Independent Consultants1920 LLP because they enjoy a reputation as one of the more thinking strategic consultants in the industry. The team needed no learning curve. They understood our needs and got on the process to the point of reviewing business strategy as a value add. We learned very quickly that they could adapt to our requests and provide quality and effective solutions on time and witan our budget.

​Ms Rachel Tan/ Mr Amos Tan
Managing Director and Founders


“i1920 is a thinking agency. They are very effective in coming up with strategies that works. We went on to win the Singapore Promising Brand Awards for 3 consecutive years, bag the winner of the Heritage Brand overall award, and the Singapore Experience Awards! 

​Ms Han May Ching
Director, Corporate Development, 2007-2011

Mount Alvernia Hospital

“The good thing about i1920 is they continue to stay with us and respond to our needs even after the project has ended. They value client relationship and are personable, responsive and knowledgeable. 

We worked with their Principals throughout the project, not any junior, and this made the process much more efficient and effective" 

Shawn Lin

Project Manager for Rebranding 

SHINGDA Group of Companies

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"The “Personal Branding and Effectiveness” workshops for our next generation programme for the past few years has been done by Gordon. He is very professional and dynamic, shared a lot of informative insights on the different types of personalities the participants may have. He kept the audience engaged throughout the entire session. Overall, we received very good feedback from our participants and some even stayed back after the session to seek advice". 

Marianne Lok

Executive Director, Marketing

Bank of Singapore

"High energy and impactful trainers. Knowledgeable with very good practical experiences and real stories to share. Aways delivering to our expectations"

Pamela Dua

General Manager (HR)


“We have been working with Gordon of 1920 on a few occasions over the years on change management, team building and Vision, Mission, Value.

He is very effective in animating the cessions and getting the point across through examples and analogies. He certainly can captivate an audience and maintain a high level of engagement from the participants.Whatever the topic we have tackled with him, he has always been able to be relevant and bring a fresh light into the area being addressed. He has also been very helpful working with the management bringing new angles and viewpoints yet helping  us to be focused and adhere  to the task at hand. 

Philippe Dallée
Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific


"We wanted to express our appreciation for the workshop. It was informative, and participation illustrated the importance of this topic to our bankers."

Jasmine Mong

Business Management

UOB Private Bank

"The facilitator has the special ability to make high-level concepts easy to understand and more importantly the application. He’s facilitative yet thought-provocative delivery style will be able to inspire and motivate you to be a more effective leader"

Edwin Sim
Ex-Deputy Director

Kaplan Singapore


"The workshop by Lu-Ann scored an average of 4.5/5 which is among our highest in our workshop series. On the count of speaker’s effectiveness, you scored 4.8 ! Kudos to you and our deepest appreciation once again for a very engaging and enlightening session".

​Liew Yen Lin

Senior Manager, Media & Corporate Image

Singapore Institute Of Management

"Joel is an enthusiastic trainer, able to illustrate concepts clearly, engage  with funny anecdotes, live voice demonstrations and beautifully illustrated slides. Look forward to a longer session!"

​Cassandra Cheng,

Senior Specialist