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1. Brand Relevance: is your brand still relevant is a changing market environment, or after all these years. Tools we use are: Brand Audit and Research, NPS, Interviews, Focus Groups, existing materials assessment, workshops.  This step allows the client to understand how and what type of brand strategy to adopt to stay relevant for the future. We call this future proofing the brand. 

​​2. Brand Audit:  through research, we assess and evaluate the assets and strengths of the brand to uncover and develop key strengths into a key value differentiator and value. This gives the client a distinct advantage over competitors. 

3. Brand Roadmap/ Strategy: developing a strategy to achieve the brand ambitions of the client. This includes brand visioning, clarity, positioning, value proposition, message pillars, naming etc. 

4. Brand Visual System: we make your brand look good aesthetically to connect with your target audience cognitively. Also useful for brand license, franchise and export. 

5. Brand Architecture: to organise an expanding product and service portfolio into a framework that enables brand equity building.

6. Brand Naming: corporate, single, series or product naming for reposition, launches brand spinoffs and export.​


7. Brand Reputation Management: sometimes called PR, this addresses how we can grow and shape stakeholders' and public  perception on the brand.

8. Product Branding: for launches, and relaunches. Includes packaging and naming if needed. ​


9. Employer Branding + EVP : this is increasing important as brands want to recruit and retain the best talents. 

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We have a full suite of print and digital marketing capabilities delivered through our close network of partners. 

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