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Navigating New Business Environments, Redefining Roadmaps.
We exist to support businesses and people adapt, transit and thrive on a sustainable business pathway with consulting, coaching and grants.

Best Boutique Business Consultancy, Singapore Business Award (APAC Insider)



To all our clients, we avail Principal level deep individual domain expertise that is personal, in-depth dedicated, and addresses real business needs. Since 2007, we have been supporting leaders, executives, teams and organisations with effective business solutions and practical pathways.


Our clients include some of the world’s largest and best known corporations, public sector organisations, NGOs, government bodies and SMEs from key industries in Asia. 


“1920 is a thinking agency. They are very effective in coming up with strategies that works. We went on to win the Singapore Promising Brand Awards for 3 consecutive years, bag the winner of the Heritage Brand overall award, and the Singapore Experience Awards! 

​Ms Han May Ching
Director, Corporate Development, 2007-2011

Mount Alvernia Hospital

400 +

“1920 has put in a lot of effort to understand our requirements. They have done their best to put together a team who understands telco and are also willing to have discussion with us to understand our concerns and comments directly. This approach has helped us to achieve our content in the right direction we want”.

Ms Donna Chiu
Director, Customer Solutions


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